Massive Scrap and Car Removal Project

During 2016, those of us who buy scrap cars have been negatively impacted from a steep drop in scrap car pricing in Franklin, Grandview Heights, and Blendon, OH.  Those in Blacklick, Grove City, and Jefferson can call today to sell junk cars for cash and we will tow it away.  People looking to turn an old salvage car into cash in Hilliard, Obetz, or Jackson have found the spot to do so. The many people who are holding on to junky cars in Galloway, Hamilton, or Reynoldsburg can take fast action to sell a junk car.

“They have initiated the transportation of junk cars and other materials from an abandoned property outside Philomath this week after the owner missed a crucial deadline to eliminate the gathered solid waste on the site to meet the proper limit. Following several months of criticisms from neighbors, Danny Farmer reached an arrangement with Benton County to eliminate the large amount of junk that had stacked up on his 30-acres of land on Old Peak Rd & to evict those squatting illegally in camping vehicles and RVs. Farmer met a recent deadline to clear the RVs and those on-site but missed the June deadline to reduce the waste to the level for the property’s forest conservation zoning, which allows owners of property to gather up to eight dilapidated vehicles or the corresponding amount of material waste before the area is considered an unlicensed scrap facility.

It was confirmed that a vast amount of junk still was located on the property.  The County retained Apex Property Clearing of Albany for removal of the mess. Counties may place liens on properties to recoup costs of these cleanups.  County code enforcement staff including Rebecca Taylor says Farmer had made a strong effort to remove the waste recently.  That still leaves a large amount of material scattered around the place, from junk cars, and heaps of scrap-type materials and old appliances, scrap tires and more. It was likely that a crew of 3-4 staff need about 7 days to remove all of the excess. They had figured to work Thursday and Friday, then take the weekend off and complete the task over a couple more days.”  To read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible.  We buy scrap cars in Dublin, Washington, and Pickerington and take great pride in offering the best in fast vehicle retrieval and phenomenal junk car prices.  If deciding to junk cars for cash in Flint, Westerville, or Truro, give us a fast call for a scrap vehicle quote.  A salvage car can definitely be an eyesore when left sitting around in Bexley, Madison, and Gahanna. There is uniformity now on the requirements to sell a junk car in Franklin County must have the title.

Indiana Auto-Related Recycling Plans

The time is now for those with junky cars in Darbydale, Valleyview, Upper Arlington—we buy scrap cars all week. No more reasons for procrastination if you have a broken down car in Brice, Flint, or Westerville—contact our buyer of junk cars. Today is the day to move that hunk of junk in Truro, Bexley, and Madison by receiving cash for scrap vehicles. The auto recycling program for those in Gahanna, Franklin, and Grandview Heights allows for cash for a junk car.

A recent article on Recycling Today tells us the following:  “GEP Fuel & Energy Indiana has proclaimed plans to open a recycling center with a scrap-plastics-to-fuel site in Camden, Indiana. Various Indiana gov’t officials joined GEP leaders for the announcement.  GEP Fuel & Energy Indiana is a joint-effort between U.S. Energy Logistics, Toledo, OH, & GEP Fuels. The organization says it plans to invest $100M to build a 450K-sq.-foot recycling site there. Construction on the venture is expected to begin by the 1st quarter of 2017. This facility will process recyclable & non-recyclable plastics into a variety of viable end products. Also, the companies plan to construct an adjacent facility for $200M that will convert lower-value scrap that can’t economically be recycled into a fuel for the transportation markets.

U.S. Rail expected to transport about 1,500 tons of plastics each day. Don Willis, who will manage the recycling side of the project, says the higher value plastic scrap will be recycled & sent to end markets such as the vehicle industry. The low value & zero-value plastic processed there will be transported to an energy facility on a conveyor. Steve Hogan, the president, says they decided to have the site in because of its closeness proximity to consumer plastics. The total capital investment for the project is $303M. The IN Economic Development Corp. (IEDC) offered GEP Fuel & Energy Indiana up to $2M in performance-based tax subsidies on the company’s job creation efforts. Most of the plastics that will be handled and used will be recovered from auto shredder residue (ASR). Hogan thinks the the recycling center will accept 1M tons of ASR annually, about 40 rail cars each day. Willis says the bulk of the ASR will be shipped on rotary cars. Recycling will include magnets & eddy current separators. Green Machine will be the maker of the sorting line.

In a statement, Jim Schellinger, president of the IDEC, said they were pleased they chose to locate here in Indiana. Indiana’s boasts low-cost, low-tax, decreased-regulation business environment. Hogan further added that it has taken the company 3.5 years to select the right technology for the site, supplied by Foy Group Ltd., a partner on the energy side of the project.” The complete article is available here.

To Buy Scrap Cars in Columbus

No need to wait another day to get rid of old cars in Blacklick, Grove City, or Jefferson-we will buy scrap cars there now. You can call (614) 715-5005 in Hilliard, Obetz, and Jackson to reach our buyer of junk cars today. Those in New Albany, Galloway, Hamilton, should visit for cash for scrap vehicles. Good news in the Ohio regions of Reynoldsburg, Montgomery, Mifflin—we offer cash for a junk car quickly.

Wrecked Car Insurance Price

Columbus Scrap Cars is a central-Ohio based outfit operating in the auto recycling of junk cars sector. To get a price for your auto scrap in the areas of Whitehall, Worthington, and Lockbourne, OH—call (614) 715-5005. When we provide you a junk car quote in the regions of Harrisburg, Obetz, or Bexley, the process of damaged vehicle removal in included. We have recently expanded the service area in which we buy scrap cars and tow hem away to include the Riverlea, Urbancrest, and Blendon, OH zones. What is the current value of a salvage car? It depends on a variety of factors including: age, location, and the condition and size.

Jeff Daniels of CNBC released a story titled ‘Auto insurance rate rises at fastest rate in almost thirteen years’ with the following insight: “Americans are driving more as a result of rising employment & cheap gas; this also means they are getting into more accidents — which leads to higher insurance rates. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says approximately 87% of drivers engage in at least one risky behavior such as using cell phones or not wearing seat belts. Jim Lynch, chief actuary of the Insurance Institute feels that the number of accidents has risen; at the same time, the size of claims has been rising. The size of claims is trending higher & affecting auto insurers. Rising costs for medical care, auto repair and replacement auto parts components are contributing.

The US government released its auto insurance-related Consumer Price Index (CPI) data —showing prices increased 6% year-to-year in April. Medical bills seem to be crazy–as the costs rose especially for bodily injury. From 2005 to 2013, the average cost for bodily injury claims rose 32%. A report last year from KPMG suggests that the autonomous vehicles under development by Google and others may lower auto insurance prices. One of the largest rate increases this year among the major auto insurers was Allstate’s average 25% increase in the state of Georgia. Allstate said traffic fatalities increased 21% in GA in 2015, the first annual increase after a decade of consecutive decreases. Also, the number of miles driven on GA roads & highways grew well above the national average.” The full article is available here:

Do you need quick damaged vehicle removal?

Ohio residents with auto scrap in Georgesville, Brown, or Clinton, can contact our junk car buyer for a quote. The auto recycling of junk cars may not be the most glamourous of industries; however, it is a necessity to minimize landfill expansion. Are you in need of damaged vehicle removal services in the cities of Mifflin, Norwich, or Perry, OH? We now buy scrap cars throughout the Ohio regions of Plain, Sharon, and Truro. If you have an old salvage car sitting around that is an eyesore to those in the neighborhoods of Washington, Lincoln Village, Amlin—take action to get it scrapped! Green companies like ours are not only good for the environment, but and also create green jobs in cities like Columbus, Groveport, and Darbydale.

Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Columbus Scrap Cars will buy scrap cars for cash in Franklin County. Are you wondering who will buy my junk car in Lincoln Village, Amlin, or Blacklick? To swap cars for cash to an auto scrap outfit that will buy scrap cars is easier than you think. We’ve been in the auto scrap business for many years, as a solution for those seeking a buy my junk car option, regardless of whether the vehicle is in the Galloway, Georgesville, or New Rome areas. Our next topic looks at making it easier for current electric vehicle (EV) owners to upgrade to the newest in battery technology.

On a January 22nd, 2016 article titled ‘EV Owners Expect Battery Upgrades’ by Steve Hanley on, we learned the following news: “Auto executives say cars are becoming more like electronic devices. People want 4G connectivity and to control their cars with apps, wanting to e-mail & text while they drive. People want to be able to send off selfies, sharing them on Facebook. According to Green Car Reports, a lot of people think they should be able to upgrade their batteries, too. Tesla seems to be the only one interested in keeping the software in its cars as current as possible. It routinely does software updates and earlier this month rolled out an update enabling its cars with ‘Autopilot’ to park themselves and re-emerge when summoned.

But even Tesla has not thought of allowing upgrades to their batteries after the cars are built to customers. Early Model S sedans may have 60 kWh batteries, instead of the 70 and 90 kWh batteries that are now available. Tesla did put together an upgraded battery for its 1st car, the Roadster, but it cost $29,000. Denise Gray, CEO of LG Chem Power, wonders why manufacturers equip their cars with big, heavy, and expensive batteries designed to last for ten years. Gray thinks it would make sense to utilize smaller, lighter, cheaper ones that would be replaced with newer models every few years. Back in the dawn of the computer age microprocessors were upgraded at a pace that was so fast, new computers were obsolete by the time customers got them home from the store. EV batteries are improving all the time. Most manufacturers’ business models are selling as many new cars as possible, not keeping current with new technology for older cars.

A factor that depresses the market for used EVs is buyers feel stuck with old technology. If there were a model that allowed the easy swap of batteries for newer ones, the old batteries could be reused for electricity storage. Rather than owning batteries that become obsolete, drivers would rent the batteries, selecting a power & range they need.  Manufacturers could design cars with swappable batteries; new cars would cost less & invigorate the move to electric cars.” The full article is available at this link.

This situation may correct itself, as automakers will increasing create smaller, more efficient, yet more powerful batteries as EVs as they evolve. The exception would be those who own one of the older EVs that were produced when the concept was still in its infancy. I see a larger and more overlying concern regarding this issue. I can appreciate the desire for upgrading a battery to extend the vehicle’s range; however, increasing the power to facilitate the addition of more electronic components leads to more distracted driving. It seems we need to reduce distractions for those on the road, which are abundant as follows:

  • Making music selections and adjusting the volume
  • Entering a destination into their GPS
  • On a phone call or reading or responding to a text message
  • Modifying the heat or A/C temperature
  • Yelling at their kids, who are using noise-making handheld devices
  • Checking out their appearance in the mirror
  • Receiving an alert from their radar/laser speed trap detector
  • Smoking a cigarette
  • Adjusting the power windows, front or rear wipers and heated seat levels

Who will buy my junk car?

We are auto scrap experts serving Bexley, Dublin, and Gahanna. When we buy scrap cars in Grove City, Groveport, or Hilliard, fast response time will be delivered. To sell cars for cash in Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, contact our junk car buyer at (614) 715-5005. Residents wondering who will buy my junk car for cash in Westerville, Whitehall, and Worthington, should know that CSC is here to provide the best in scrap vehicle hauling service. We are now handling auto scrap and buying cars for cash in Brice, Harrisburg, and Lockbourne. Even if your car is broken down at a repair shop or transmission shop in Minerva Park, Obetz, Riverlea, we can be out the same-day to pick it up.