Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Update

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On May 25, 2016 Marc Gunther of Green Biz authored an article titled ‘Is automobile fuel economy hitting a dead end’ with the following information: “Five years ago, Barack Obama announced an agreement to boost fuel economy & reduce greenhouse gas emissions for cars and trucks; the goal is by 2025 to have average fuel economy of 55 MPG. The prediction that these rules would save over a trillion in overall fuel costs. The government attempt to curb climate emissions & oil imports is strong. The government’s calculations take into consideration adjustments & credits from electric cars, flex-fuel vehicles, energy-efficient air conditioning & solar panels. Automakers get credits for exceeding the standards in which can be banked & traded, creating a million dollar market.

Cheap gas makes it hard to achieve fleet-wide efficiency and emission reductions because the sales of trucks & SUVs are surging. Perhaps most important, the rules are to be reviewed during a mid-term evaluation that begins in June and concluded in April 2018, long after the next president can influence the policy. At stake is nothing less than Obama’s legacy regarding climate change. Manufacturers have introduced lighter materials, turbo engines, new transmissions, additional smaller engines and more aerodynamic options. These improvements may still fall short of the administration’s projections.

In the US, the fuel economy for all cars and light trucks from the 2014 model years was 24.3 mpg, according to EPA, using the mileage estimates. But for CAFE purposes, the average for 2014 was about 31 MPG after all the regulatory credits and adjustments were considered. The good news: That 24.3-mpg average is the highest level recorded, up by about 26% since 2004. The not-so-good news:  it was the same from the 2013 model year. That’s because fuel prices began their large decline through 2014. Since then, predictably, buying patterns dwindled among small cars, hybrids & electric vehicles and toward SUVs & trucks. This has slowed the fleet-wide progress even as most cars have become more fuel efficient.

One reason consumers choose gas-powered engines over alternative powertrains, such as hybrids, is that gas-powered engines have become more efficient. But another reason, according to the Safe Climate Campaign, is the $15B in advertising spent from the auto industry that year.

Chrysler has been Tesla’s biggest customer. At first glance, it may seem peculiar to have Chrysler buyers subsidize the purchases of Tesla’s $100,000 luxury cars, but that’s the way CAFE is designed to work. The idea is to penalize companies that sell less-efficient vehicles, reward innovation, and reduce the price of cleaner, more efficient cars.

The standards require fuel consumption and emissions to fall by about 50% of 2012 levels by 2025. When mid-term review of CAFE begins this summer, automakers are expected to seek credits for safety improvements, such as autonomous braking, which, in theory, will prevent accidents, reduce congestion and thus save energy & limit emissions. Environmentalists want tougher rules. Would it be easier to impose a price on carbon or raise gasoline taxes? This would steer consumers to buy more efficient cars, drive less and walk, bike or take public transport instead. By contrast, CAFE doesn’t account for the so-called “rebound effect”, that some efficiency gains are offset by more usage. If cars are at 40 MPG, that people would drive more.” The complete article is available here.

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Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Columbus Scrap Cars will buy scrap cars for cash in Franklin County. Are you wondering who will buy my junk car in Lincoln Village, Amlin, or Blacklick? To swap cars for cash to an auto scrap outfit that will buy scrap cars is easier than you think. We’ve been in the auto scrap business for many years, as a solution for those seeking a buy my junk car option, regardless of whether the vehicle is in the Galloway, Georgesville, or New Rome areas. Our next topic looks at making it easier for current electric vehicle (EV) owners to upgrade to the newest in battery technology.

On a January 22nd, 2016 article titled ‘EV Owners Expect Battery Upgrades’ by Steve Hanley on, we learned the following news: “Auto executives say cars are becoming more like electronic devices. People want 4G connectivity and to control their cars with apps, wanting to e-mail & text while they drive. People want to be able to send off selfies, sharing them on Facebook. According to Green Car Reports, a lot of people think they should be able to upgrade their batteries, too. Tesla seems to be the only one interested in keeping the software in its cars as current as possible. It routinely does software updates and earlier this month rolled out an update enabling its cars with ‘Autopilot’ to park themselves and re-emerge when summoned.

But even Tesla has not thought of allowing upgrades to their batteries after the cars are built to customers. Early Model S sedans may have 60 kWh batteries, instead of the 70 and 90 kWh batteries that are now available. Tesla did put together an upgraded battery for its 1st car, the Roadster, but it cost $29,000. Denise Gray, CEO of LG Chem Power, wonders why manufacturers equip their cars with big, heavy, and expensive batteries designed to last for ten years. Gray thinks it would make sense to utilize smaller, lighter, cheaper ones that would be replaced with newer models every few years. Back in the dawn of the computer age microprocessors were upgraded at a pace that was so fast, new computers were obsolete by the time customers got them home from the store. EV batteries are improving all the time. Most manufacturers’ business models are selling as many new cars as possible, not keeping current with new technology for older cars.

A factor that depresses the market for used EVs is buyers feel stuck with old technology. If there were a model that allowed the easy swap of batteries for newer ones, the old batteries could be reused for electricity storage. Rather than owning batteries that become obsolete, drivers would rent the batteries, selecting a power & range they need.  Manufacturers could design cars with swappable batteries; new cars would cost less & invigorate the move to electric cars.” The full article is available at this link.

This situation may correct itself, as automakers will increasing create smaller, more efficient, yet more powerful batteries as EVs as they evolve. The exception would be those who own one of the older EVs that were produced when the concept was still in its infancy. I see a larger and more overlying concern regarding this issue. I can appreciate the desire for upgrading a battery to extend the vehicle’s range; however, increasing the power to facilitate the addition of more electronic components leads to more distracted driving. It seems we need to reduce distractions for those on the road, which are abundant as follows:

  • Making music selections and adjusting the volume
  • Entering a destination into their GPS
  • On a phone call or reading or responding to a text message
  • Modifying the heat or A/C temperature
  • Yelling at their kids, who are using noise-making handheld devices
  • Checking out their appearance in the mirror
  • Receiving an alert from their radar/laser speed trap detector
  • Smoking a cigarette
  • Adjusting the power windows, front or rear wipers and heated seat levels

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