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Where are the places that will buy my junk car in Jackson, Galloway or Hamilton? Make the call today Columbus Scrap Cars for cash for scrap vehicles. We will even pick up directly from NTB, Firestone Auto or Midas locations.  In case you were not aware, we now buy cars in Jefferson, Hilliard and Obetz, paying cash for scrap vehicles.  Limitless vehicles are scattered throughout Reynoldsburg, Montgomery or Mifflin—contact us today for a junk car quote.

A recent Kelly Blue Book report discussed a form of insurance often sold by auto dealers known as GAP coverage. It is used to cover any “gap” amount between what the borrower owes on the vehicle and the actual market value of it. One time when this discrepancy is realized is when a borrower’s car is totaled. Here, the insurance company will provide the insured a check for the vehicle’s current value. Often the borrower owes more on the loan than this amount. As you can see the borrower may still owe the lender thousands. The overall problem here is that many U.S. consumers simply lack any substantive down payment for a vehicle purchase. This results in a lengthy loan and the car’s value depreciates quickly.  

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Scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos.  If you seek a buy my junk car place in New Rome, Truro or Whitehall – we are available!  Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the Worthington, Lockbourne or Marble Cliff regions can rest assured that we buy cars for cash.  Paying fast cash for scrap vehicles is our primary function, allowing for the initiation of the recycling process in Harrisburg, Riverlea or Minerva Park, OH.   Get rid of that old car in New Albany or Georgesville by calling for a junk car quote.

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If the auto repair is more than the car is worth, contact us for buy my junk car removal in Madison, Gahanna, and Franklin. With our cars for cash website, you will quickly get a quote in Grandview Heights, Blendon, or Blacklick.  As an experienced junk vehicle buyer in Grove City, Jefferson, or Hilliard, we can give you a price for your car right over the phone.  Call a place who junks cars to find out how much cash you can scrap a junk vehicle for in Obetz, Jackson, or Galloway.

A recent Ventura County Star article explains as follows: “Vehicle batteries are nearly always recycled, but high rates of recycling are not lone environmental success. Even the best managed recycling needs energy, devours resources and makes some pollution. It is best to attempt to preserve the current ones for a long time. An article titled “Start Me Up,” by Peter Bohr in the last edition of the Auto Club’s “Westways” publication explains some causes for excessive drainage on vehicle batteries. The most clearly evident cause is devices, ranging from the car’s interior lights to mobile phone chargers, which consume power from the vehicle’s battery while the car is not moving. To limit the problem, maintain plug-in power sources provide power when the vehicle ignition is off.  Shorter trips can reduce the power of the unit also, which does not fully allow the alternator to renew the battery; contact with extreme high or low temperatures; and long periods of dormancy. Dashboard camera and radar detection devices can consume power, and some aftermarket auto starting systems also contribute to reduction. Many batteries fail due to presence of a faulty relay, according to

On their website, Nationwide suggests that drivers maintain their vehicle batteries to limit corrosion and better affect their lifespan. Clean the terminals using a toothbrush coated with baking soda & water to clean off the remnants with a liquid bottle and dry with a cloth. The site also recommended tightening batteries by fastening to avoid short circuit breaks caused by impact.  Batteries are ordinarily recharged by the alternator, which runs exclusively when the engine is operating. Vehicles which are stored for extended periods without running, such as usually RVs & motorbikes — can derive a benefit from usage of a device designed for maintenance, which uses a 12 volt outlet and maintains the stability of energy after lengthy periods of usage”.  The article in full form is available at this link.

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Our “green” auto recycling operation preserves precious resources for the next generation, without any compromises.  It couldn’t be a easier process, our buy my junk car program that is in Georgesville, Brown, and Groveport. When we buy cars for cash in Norwich, Perry, and Plain, free scrap vehicle pick up is included in the price. We have been a leading junk vehicle buyer in the Sharon, Darbydale, or Lincoln Village area for many years now.  Among the area’s list of those who junks cars in Amlin, Clinton, or Canal Winchester, we can assist you fast and easily.


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Columbus Scrap Cars is back with our latest news and information from the perspective of scrap car buyers. You also can exchange cars for cash in the regions of Darbydale, Washington, and Valleyview. Initially, those in Whitehall, Upper Arlington, and Brice should know it is best to call for a junk car quote. The auto recycling community in Flint, Westerville, and Truro processes junk cars for cash quicker than you think. We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community. Yes, those in Madison and Gahanna, OH should contact our salvage car buyer today.

The recent study by the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling, tells us as follows: “The aluminum industry and need to gather better data and information to obtain a comprehensive look at the recycling of end-of-life (ELV) auto aluminum. Aluminum’s demand is swelling in the automotive industry. The recycling of the product at the end of its life has not been clarified due to the intricacy of the automotive recycling supply chain and the lack of quality statistical information. This has led to concern about the future of the metal. Recycling is an important step for the sustainability of a metal such as aluminum since it drastically conserves both energy and vital resources.

A grave-to-gate process material flow analysis (PMFA) method is being used to measure the recycling rate of automotive aluminum/aluminum alloy units. Three processes contribute to the overall aluminum metallic loss to the landfill after an automobile begins the recycling pipeline. These include shredding, downstream separation, and scrap melting. Process specific surveys were distributed to two types of material collection operations, vehicle dismantlers and downstream separation systems (DSSs), as well as metal recovery operations (i.e. alternate smelters and re-melters) in order to evaluate the percentage of aluminum metal unit loss & process material flow quantities through the entire recycling pipeline of the commodity.

The quantities of material pushed through the system that makes it to the entrance of a new life cycle is not equated to an input value to the PMFA system since ELVs and auto aluminum scrap are exported often and these values are not tracked & measured for the full market in the US. This study doesn’t use a mass-balance analysis. The volume of ELVs that retire on an regular basis is only employed here to determine the span of the market share of each survey respondent and the portion of the respondents as a whole. The recycling rates are calculated by combining a material collection rate with a yield of applicable measures to the material that processes through the individual steps in the recycling pipeline.” The complete story is available here.

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Where you aware that It can be illegal and hazardous to discharge used auto fluids to our water, land and other key resources? Our organization believes in diverting waste by aiming to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Are you wondering where to obtain money for a junk car from car buyers in Jackson, New Albany, and Galloway, OH? Do we take cars for cash that are wrecked or dented? Yes, we most definitely do buy these cars, even in Hamilton, Reynoldsburg, and Montgomery, OH. To junk cars for cash in the Ohio regions of Mifflin, New Rome, and Lake Darby you will always need the vehicle title and an ID. Those looking to scrap a car in Worthington or Lockbourne are encouraged to contact us 6 days a week for a quote from our salvage car buyer. We work with other organizations to achieve environmental goals and create solutions that optimize recyclables

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Our buyer of junk cars will provide you with a junk car quote for vehicles in Washington, Dublin, and Valleyview, OH. We have been purchasing cars for cash in Montgomery, Brice, and Flint for nearly (5) years now. Residents of Westerville, Huber Ridge, and Truro seeking damaged car removal should contact us @ (614) 715-5005.

Our junk my car program is quite simple, call for a price and we are on the way. Are you tried of dealing with your old car and want to get a price for scrap cars? Did you know that our facilities use the best green practices to reduce pollution, waste, and costs?

In the June 21, 2016 edition of Recycling Today, an article titled ‘Arizona auto recycler reimbursed for off-target police raid’ was posted with the following news: “The Hendrix Salvage Company in Phoenix, AZ was the target of a suspected auto theft plot and was raided by city and state authorities in 2013. This raid was covered by reported by media outlets, including RT. Hendrix and its owners recently were cleared of the charges, and more than (2) years later Hendrix has announced an agreement with the city and state designed in part to help the firm restore its reputation. According to attorneys with Simpson P.C., Hendrix accepted $180K from the city of Phoenix & the state of Arizona in order to settle a suit the organization filed after no charges resulted from the raid.

The raid was part of an sting of regional salvage yards known at the time as “Operation Tin Man.” Authorities raided the salvage yards in 2013, charging some staff for allegedly trafficking in stolen property. Officers seized bank accounts and equipment from Hendrix, and law enforcement authorities alerted regional media outlets in advance so they could publicize the raids. Authorities later conducted a press conference to make criminal allegations against some Hendrix family members.” According to their attorneys, investigators got it wrong. No criminal charges were ever filed against owners Lyle or Ronnie Hendrix nor against any Hendrix Salvage Company employee. All of Hendrix’ seized equipment & accounts were ultimately brought back to the firm in 2014.

Hendrix Salvage is a commercial auto recycler that has been doing business in the area for more than 15 years and always had been a friend to the PD and the community. The investigators should have just talked with us instead of rushing in with guns & taking everything. The state began forfeiture proceedings in January 2014, but those ended with a dismissal and the property being returned. Hendrix only wanted an apology, a simple apology, and that would have been the end of it.  Instead, Forrester says, when no apology was forthcoming, the subsequent settlement even the playing field.” The complete article is available here.

Jessica Flores of FOX 10 reported that Lyle Hendrix described the raid as “It was kind of like an army style raid, they threw a lot of people on the ground, marched them outside & confiscated everything in the yard and the equipment.” Her article is available here.

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If you are in need of damaged car removal in Lockbourne, Marble Cliff, or Harrisburg, and want to sell us the vehicle, simply contact us now. Those residing near Madison, Gahanna, and Franklin wanting junk my car buyer services are encouraged to contact us. Are you tried of dealing with your old car and want to get a price for scrap cars? As a long-standing buyer of junk cars, we strive to protect the environment throughout Lincoln Village, Amlin, and Groveport. As an organization with best practices in place, we assist in diverting tons of materials from being tossed annually into landfills. We are proud to now offer scrap car removal services in Darbydale, New Rome and Georgesville.

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Columbus Scrap Cars is a buyer of junk cars that will process old car removal in Truro, Madison, and Gahanna, OH. Are you trying to determine who buys cars for cash in Franklin, Grandview Heights, or Minerva Park, OH? Damaged car removal is always included on the price offer that we make for a scrap car. Are you in need of junk car towing and buying services in the regions of Blacklick, Grove City, or Jefferson? Typically we are able to offer old car removal on a same-day or next-day basis in Hilliard, Obetz, and Jackson, OH.

A July 9, 2016 article in the New Haven Register authored by Luther Turmelle titled ‘Electric vehicle program in Connecticut gets infusion of cash’ told us the following: “A Connecticut-based incentive program to encourage more purchases of electric vehicles is getting a new flow of cash. According to Rob Klee, commissioner of the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, The CT Hydrogen & Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR) program is getting $1M.

Klee says it’s the perfect time to think about the advantages offered by EVs. One of the larger advantages is the rebate available which offers up to $3K for those who buy or lease an eligible vehicle. Without the new funding, the CHEAPR program was projected to run out of money by July. The CHEAPR program was launched in May 2015 using state funds as part of an agreement to allow Northeast Utilities to merge with MA-based NSTAR and form what is known as Eversource Energy. A 2nd wave of money from the state’s merger agreement with the utilities was in addition to the incentive program.

Since its launch, the program delivered just over $1.5 million for the purchase or lease of over 600 new vehicles. A total of 159 fully electric vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF, as well as 467 plug-in style cars that have range extending or hybrid capabilities such the Chevy Volt were sold. David Stevens, owner of Stevens Ford, said he was pleased to hear that CT was offering additional funding to the program.  Stevens Ford is one of the many dealers offering vehicles in the program.

Rich Ogurick, chairman of Cheshire’s Energy Commission, says locating a charging station, which has outlets for (2) vehicles, was difficult. Eric Richter, VP of Property Management for Philips Edison, said they plan to install fifty of these in the next year. Richter says that those who already have EVs can recharge their cars at zero cost for the next (3) years if they use the station outside Big Y.

The incentive program is administered through the EVConnecticut, an agreement between DEEP and the state DOT. The vehicle rebates from the CHEAPR program function on a sliding scale. The maximum rebate amount of $3,000 is available for lease or purchase of EVs with the best battery capacity. Other offerings include $1,500 and $750 for electric vehicles that travel shorter distances. The full article is available at

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Our buyer of junk cars in standing by 6 day a week to offer you a price for a junk vehicle areas of New Albany, Galloway, and Hamilton, OH. Complimentary damaged car removal is always included in the junk car quote we provide to residents of Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, and Upper Arlington. Is your old car damaged and sitting at a repair shop in Whitehall, Lake Darby, or Worthington? Our junk car towing service has been around for years and is committed to protecting the environment. Those needing old car removal and scrap service in Lockbourne, Marble Cliff, and Harrisburg, should call (614) 715-5005. Doing what is best suited for the local environment is our goal within our auto scrap & recycling operation.

Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Electric Vehicle Upgrades

Columbus Scrap Cars will buy scrap cars for cash in Franklin County. Are you wondering who will buy my junk car in Lincoln Village, Amlin, or Blacklick? To swap cars for cash to an auto scrap outfit that will buy scrap cars is easier than you think. We’ve been in the auto scrap business for many years, as a solution for those seeking a buy my junk car option, regardless of whether the vehicle is in the Galloway, Georgesville, or New Rome areas. Our next topic looks at making it easier for current electric vehicle (EV) owners to upgrade to the newest in battery technology.

On a January 22nd, 2016 article titled ‘EV Owners Expect Battery Upgrades’ by Steve Hanley on, we learned the following news: “Auto executives say cars are becoming more like electronic devices. People want 4G connectivity and to control their cars with apps, wanting to e-mail & text while they drive. People want to be able to send off selfies, sharing them on Facebook. According to Green Car Reports, a lot of people think they should be able to upgrade their batteries, too. Tesla seems to be the only one interested in keeping the software in its cars as current as possible. It routinely does software updates and earlier this month rolled out an update enabling its cars with ‘Autopilot’ to park themselves and re-emerge when summoned.

But even Tesla has not thought of allowing upgrades to their batteries after the cars are built to customers. Early Model S sedans may have 60 kWh batteries, instead of the 70 and 90 kWh batteries that are now available. Tesla did put together an upgraded battery for its 1st car, the Roadster, but it cost $29,000. Denise Gray, CEO of LG Chem Power, wonders why manufacturers equip their cars with big, heavy, and expensive batteries designed to last for ten years. Gray thinks it would make sense to utilize smaller, lighter, cheaper ones that would be replaced with newer models every few years. Back in the dawn of the computer age microprocessors were upgraded at a pace that was so fast, new computers were obsolete by the time customers got them home from the store. EV batteries are improving all the time. Most manufacturers’ business models are selling as many new cars as possible, not keeping current with new technology for older cars.

A factor that depresses the market for used EVs is buyers feel stuck with old technology. If there were a model that allowed the easy swap of batteries for newer ones, the old batteries could be reused for electricity storage. Rather than owning batteries that become obsolete, drivers would rent the batteries, selecting a power & range they need.  Manufacturers could design cars with swappable batteries; new cars would cost less & invigorate the move to electric cars.” The full article is available at this link.

This situation may correct itself, as automakers will increasing create smaller, more efficient, yet more powerful batteries as EVs as they evolve. The exception would be those who own one of the older EVs that were produced when the concept was still in its infancy. I see a larger and more overlying concern regarding this issue. I can appreciate the desire for upgrading a battery to extend the vehicle’s range; however, increasing the power to facilitate the addition of more electronic components leads to more distracted driving. It seems we need to reduce distractions for those on the road, which are abundant as follows:

  • Making music selections and adjusting the volume
  • Entering a destination into their GPS
  • On a phone call or reading or responding to a text message
  • Modifying the heat or A/C temperature
  • Yelling at their kids, who are using noise-making handheld devices
  • Checking out their appearance in the mirror
  • Receiving an alert from their radar/laser speed trap detector
  • Smoking a cigarette
  • Adjusting the power windows, front or rear wipers and heated seat levels

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We are auto scrap experts serving Bexley, Dublin, and Gahanna. When we buy scrap cars in Grove City, Groveport, or Hilliard, fast response time will be delivered. To sell cars for cash in Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, contact our junk car buyer at (614) 715-5005. Residents wondering who will buy my junk car for cash in Westerville, Whitehall, and Worthington, should know that CSC is here to provide the best in scrap vehicle hauling service. We are now handling auto scrap and buying cars for cash in Brice, Harrisburg, and Lockbourne. Even if your car is broken down at a repair shop or transmission shop in Minerva Park, Obetz, Riverlea, we can be out the same-day to pick it up.